Shadow Curtains realise that leisure, hospitality and public sectors need good looking, easy and robust curtains and blinds which also comply with all fire and safety regulations that apply to buildings where the public has access to.

We have worked closely with hotels, ensuring all projects are completed with an absolute detail.

We have manufactured and installed blinds and curtains for the many sections of the public sector such as hospitals, libraries, youth centres and health centres working directly with local authorities and also with architects and contractors working on such projects.

As Shadow Curtains we believe the accomplishment of an organisation is heavily affected by the working environment in which it operates.

As specialists in shading solutions we use our knowledge and experience to help organisations create extraordinary working environments.

Shadow Curtains only work with fire retardant fabrics to ensure any blinds or curtains we provide comply with the necessary fire regulations of public buildings.

As Shadow Curtains we are specialists in providing blinds for schools and curtains for student accommodation.

We help to create effective, comfortable and fatigue-free environments for children’s nurseries, schools, academies, colleges and universities.